tree_star_hanukkah_tree_topper_522x348 season 5

The Hanukkah Tree Topper

The Hanukkah Tree Topper was invented by husband and wife, Morri and Marina Chowalki, to fill a special need in their home.That’s how the idea for Hanukkah Tree Topper was born. In 2009, after a video Morri made was chose to air on Virgin Atlantic Airlines, the product was launched. One Life Products was the name chosen for the company due to the belief that interfaith couples are both part of the same “One Life” regardless of religious preference.The tree topper has been a huge success. It instantly became one of the best selling tree toppers, with hundreds of customers writing with gratitude for introducing an item that brought their cultures together during the holidays.

Their business provides decorative Holiday products specifically targeted to the growing population of interfaith families. The Hanukkah Tree Topper solves a common dilemma that many people face in interfaith marriages when trying to balance multiple traditions.

According to a national study done in 2010, 46% of Jewish people since 1996 have married someone of another faith…the majority being that of the Christian faith. Since Hanukkah and Christmas fall around the same time each year, and are both very festive with gifts, cheer and kid friendly, many interfaith families struggle with various traditions and cultures. We help solve that problem.

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