scotty-christmas season 4

The Coop

The Coop is place that provides a unique and modern location for people to throw parties and events for kids. The coop provides unique indoor and outdoor play structures for children to play on while also providing a place for parents to relax and hang out. This company was produced by Lucinda Lent and Juliet Boydstun who in this episode is seeking a $150,000 investment in exchange for a 15% stake in the company.

It’s holiday season in the Shark Tank and the latest episode showed that even the Sharks can’t help but be swept up in the spirit of giving. With some unique ideas and even a Shark Tank themed birthday pitch for Mark Cuban, the episode was a great way to showcase the seasonal spirit. In case you missed it, here’s what happened on the Shark Tank Holiday Special episode:

The Coop play area entrepreneurs seek $150,000

First into the tank were Lucinda Lent and Juliet Boydstun seeking $150K for 15% equity in their company, The Coop. The Coop is an indoor/outdoor play and party space that’s designed to appeal to both kids and their parents. In fact, US Weekly recently named The Coop a “hot top party spot.” As is usually the case, the Sharks were interested to talk numbers, and the ladies did not disappoint. The Coop can host up to 9 parties each weekend, and party costs begin at $595 for up to 15 guests. Last year the women made $350,000, and are hoping to begin franchising the business. Despite impressive numbers, many of the Sharks are hesitant to make an offer with a yet unproven franchise model. But Barbara sees a spark in the women and makes them an offer of $150,000 for 15%, on the condition that she will be repaid within 2 years. After a moment of talking, the Lucinda and Juliet are confident in their ability to pay her back and they accept Barbara’s offer!

Shark Tank Success Story: Chord Buddy

Shark Tank fans will remember one of last season’s guests, Travis Perry, founder of Chord Buddy. Inspired by his daughter, Travis created Chord Buddy as a way to help anyone quickly and easily learn to play guitar. After making a deal with Robert, Chord Buddy has recently signed on country music superstar John Rich as an official endorser. In less than 12 months, they’ve already made over $1.5M. Congrats guys!

Fat Ass Fudge requests $250,000 for 5% of company

Second into the Shark Tank was Donna McCue, founder and owner of Fat Ass Fudge. Donna asked the Sharks for a $250,000 investment in exchange for 5% equity in her company. Donna’s fudge is made with goat milk and it’s gluten and lactose free. She credits the smoothness of the fudge to her failed attempts in show biz, after which she would go home and beat chocolate to let out her anger. As the Sharks quickly notice, Donna is quite theatrical and has a wildly enthusiastic personality, but unfortunately her sales ($60,000) aren’t impressive. Kevin jokes that he’ll give her $250,000 for 1000% of her company, and Donna retorts that the difference between Kevin and chocolate is that chocolate doesn’t disappoint. None of the Sharks think they would complement Donna’s supercharged enthusiasm and they’re all out.

Scotty Clause asks for $150,000 to keep The Living Christmas Company alive