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S.W.A.G Essentials

This 3-in-1 men’s grooming line is all about simplicity and speed with 100% natural, pure and effective products for all skin types.

S o just what was the motivation behind the creation of Soaps Washes & Grooming Essentials? The answer is simple: pure neccessity. After being approached repeatedly by her brother, a Master Barber about creating a product formulated for men to relieve ingrown hairs, razor burn and breakouts a star was born. In 2012, we developed the first ever product of its kind in the world.

W ith an extensive background as a Product Development Specialist and Licensed Medical Esthetician, skin care comes natural to our founder. The desire to achieve visible results and witness the transformation of a skin condition was what fueled her to take …

A ction and create an awesome grooming brand for men. Hands down, one of the best products on the market, The Deep Cleansing Face Bar aka the “SW&G Bar” is the brand’s premiere 3-in 1 product that put a face to Soaps Wasehs & Grooming Essentials, LLC.

G iving men supreme quality, action packed skin care with lightning speed results is what we do. Our customers range from professional athletes to business executives, yet one thing is for sure the guys swear by S.W.A.G! To balance the brand with a well rounded selection, in Fall 2014, La Bella Dolce for women was added to Soaps Washes and Grooming Essentials, LLC.

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