lite-netics-shawn-genebacher season 5


Lite-Netics, LLC is pleased to announce a new product line of “Magnetic” Christmas Light Strands. This product line consist of C9 or C7 bulb strands that features a Patented socket that provides a magnetic connection at each light bulb. This allows for quick and easy installation and attachment on metal surfaces most commonly seen and used on commercial building roofs, parapets, metal copings, eaves, edges and more. Our Lite-Netics Light Strands have been tested to hold up to wind forces, heavy rainfall, snow loads and other outdoor elements. Our Lite-Netics strands will save you product and labor cost since it eliminates the need for traditional attachment accessories and costly, time consuming labor. Lite-Netics Strands eliminate shingle tabs, parapet clips, glues and other attachment devices without destroying the look or integrity of your roof.

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