clean_bottle season 3

Clean Bottle

The Cleanest Water Bottle On EarthSeason 3

The Clean Bottle was designed with one thing in mind, to be the easiest water bottle too clean that has ever been made. After 3 years and 54 prototypes, Dave Mayer has accomplished that goal and appropriately named His invention The Clean Bottle. What makes this water bottle so unique from anything else on the market is the fact it unscrews on both ends making it much easier to clean and dry out when not in use.

Dave Meyer’s may have invented the cleanest water bottle ever made, but it took all the money he had to create it with little left for advertising the final product. What’s Dave do to start getting the word out about his new invention?  He does what any creative Entrepreneur would do, He creates it. Meyer’s went  to the Tour de France where everyone has water bottles and has his Giant Clean Bottle Mascot start jogging along with the bike riders. This seemingly simple form of advertising gets picked up with world wide press coverage and puts the Clean Bottle on the map.

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