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Scholly is a mobile and web app that gives high school students, current college students, and graduate students a fast and simple way to find scholarships to pay for college. You simply open the app and provide some information about yourself: the state you live in, your GPA, intended major… Press MATCH and there you have it: A list of scholarships that you are eligible for. Select the ones you want and save them so you can apply later.


Keen Home

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Keen Home makes smart devices to improve the core functions of your home. Our first product focuses on a home’s central heating/cooling system. The Keen Home Smart Vent was designed to increase comfort and reduce energy costs by regulating your home’s temperature room-by-room. The Smart Vent is wirelessly connected and senses temperature and duct pressure to make intelligent airflow decisions. With your smartphone or tablet, comfort is at your fingertips.

Taaluma Totes

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Taaluma Totes are travel backpacks paired with countries.  Each backpack is made of fabric from that country, and funds a microloan for a person in that country.  When you carry Taaluma, you carry more than a backpack: You Carry a Country


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LuminAID’s solar inflatable lighting technology was developed by two architecture students after the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. Inspired to design a simple, rechargeable light that could be cost be cost-effectively distributed after a disaster, Andrea Sreshta and Anna Stork developed LuminAID’s first inflatable solar light. LuminAID’s solar lights are now distributed by relief organizations all around the world after emergencies.


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Lumi was founded by Jesse Genet and Stephen Ango and is introduced as an alternative to screen printing using sunlight. Genet started her own t-shirt business at 16 and after meeting Ango years later, the two began working on marketing her idea, eventually using a Kickstarter fund to get started.

“With everything we learned from our own experiments, Kickstarter, and thousands of customers, we launch our best kits yet and partner with major retailers including Urban Outfitters, Michael’s and JoAnn Fabrics to launch Inkodye in over 1,500 stores!” says Genet and Ango, according to their sites timeline.



Gold Rush Nugget Bucket

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Gold and gem prospecting made easy and fun! Whether you’re a serious prospector or a kid looking for adventure, the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket is for you. Just scoop in dirt, pour in water and let gravity do all the work!”

Gold Rush Nugget Bucket is a product featuring a brand new design for those who pan for gold. Mark Peterson invented the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket while managing his mortgage broker company in Oregon. The product was inspired by the show “Gold Rush,” which Peterson and his family had been watching. The show turned into a hobby further pushing Peterson to develop the product.

“This all-in-one design concentrates the smallest of gold particles into one small bowl making the panning process super easy,” according to the main site. “Simply scoop in dirt, pour in water and let the naturally created ‘sand trap’ do all the work. It’s so easy that prospectors of all ages and abilities are using it.”


Sseko Designs

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Sseko Designs is an ethical fashion brand that sells sandals, shoes, handbags and accessories that are all handcrafted in East Africa. Through the sales of these products, Sseko enables bright young women in Uganda to continue on to college and pursue their dreams.

The shoes are designed with easily interchangeable elements, so they can be quickly switched up to match different outfits and seasons. A pair with two sets of ribbon retails for about $65.Sseko sales are over $3 million to date, with $1.1 million predicted for this year. Though they’ve had a profit most years, they’ve put money into more development and hiring salespeople this year, and expect to come out with a loss of around $90k, and to lose money again next year. They believe that when American women realize their products exist, they’ll sell quickly, and profits will be recouped

Hoppy Paws

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A complete line of Holiday Stamping kits designed to delight children with proof of a visit by Santa and his reindeer and many more. A safe. simple and inexpensive way create your family’s own Hoppy Holiday Tradition! Included in the kit is a life-sized stamp, a mixing tray, and secret powder.

Q Flex

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The Q-Flex is a personal acupressure system that relieves pain and stress. It is designed to be used on your sore spots and knotted muscles to relieve tension and pain. Its ergonomic hook shaped design allows you to reach even the hardest spots with minimal effort.The shape of this product enables a customer to use it without another’s assistance.It can be used to relieve shoulder tension, neck aches and back pain. It also decreases stress, releases good endorphins and increases circulation.

Eve Drop

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EVE DROP takes the pain out of the Holiday chore of hanging Christmas lights.  Just hang those lights once and then never again.  Convert your Christmas lights into backlighting under your eaves, or simply hide them until it’s time to display them next year!EVE DROP is a one of a kind Holiday lighting apparatus. It enables homeowners to convert holiday lights to backlights. If you want to avoid climbing ladders and installing lights just to take them down again a few weeks later, then EVE DROP is right for you. With EVE DROP, you can simply raise your lights to store them safely under your eaves, and drop them for the Holidays. This can be done all in a matter of seconds and with your feet securely planted on the ground.