Darryl and Randy Lenz

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BEST PART OF THE PITCH: Darryl’s been a flight attendant for 27 years. During that time, she’s seen many parents struggle their way through the airport trying to carry both luggage and kids. That’s why she and her husband, Randy, developed a product that instantly converts carry-on luggage into a travel stroller. The attachable seat can carry kids from 8 months to 5 years old. It then folds onto the luggage for easy storage.

DO THE SHARKS BITE? New shark Jeff Foxworthy thinks they have a great idea and he loves the couple’s enthusiasm. This just isn’t the business for him. He’s out. Robert thinks they should go down the licensing road, so he’s out. Barbara will give them the $50k for 25% of the company. Kevin O. also makes an offer. He’ll give them $50k for 20% of a licensing deal. As Daymond goes out, he warns that Kevin’s offer is a sucker deal.

THE RESULT: Barbara isn’t against the licensing possibilities; she just thinks they need help marketing the product. With two offers on the table, Darryl and Randy break Mr. Wonderful’s heart as they decide to team up with Barbara. Looks like Kevin will have to carry-on without them.


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LIGHTFILM™ introduces POWERDECAL™ an innovative LED backlit logo for your vehicle window. Device turns on automatically while driving at night via sensor technology and shuts off after 2 minutes when parked; once installed you never touch it. POWERDECAL™ offers a clean exterior while maximizing visual impact with full color and contrast at night. POWERDECAL™ brightness works great in dark factory tinted windows. Easy installation with quality 3M adhesion material, just peel and stick, no tools required. All MAJOR LEAGUE SPORTS and COLLEGE logos are available at:


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THINgloss® is a new way to look lean and beautiful. It’s the next big thing, and your new best friend. This one-of-a-kind lip gloss works through the sense of smell and taste to curb cravings. Key Ingredients such as HOODIA (a cactus-like plant from South Africa) combined with a secret blend of essential aromas target the part of the brain that tells you when you are full. For fast results… Inhale the aroma 3 times before meals. All-natural. Non-sticky. Patent Pending. THINgloss® won “Best Innovation of the Year” and has been seen on TV/Radio/Magazines. 


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Never forget your contact case, breath freshener, lip balm or pills again! This convenient line of Clip’n’Go products grew out of pure necessity. They’re always at your fingertips, great for anyone on the go. Check out the new Sports Lenz edition contact cases! 


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Fridgefronts are magnetic skins that cover your appliances. You can affordably change the look for any season, holiday, or personalize your fridge with your own artwork or photo! Great on refrigerators and other appliances. All for under $100. 


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Product Intro:

Beardbrand is a men’s grooming company that focuses on beard care. They make beard oil, mustache wax, beard combs, and other items for the bearded lifestyle. “BeardBrand” a kit of facial hair maintenance products.

Founder Intro:

Eric Bandholz, founder of BeardBrand, walked into the Shark Tank next with booming confidence desiring a 400K investment for 15% of his company. I was really impressed with BeardBrand’s products and pitch to the Sharks. Moreover, THAT BEARD IS INCREDIBLE. Wow. Eric mentioned that after a beard competition in 2012, he created BeardBrand to accommodate the “renaissance in facial hair revolution”. Although no sharks bit on the idea, I loved hearing from Eric. With over 800K in sales over the past 17 months, the company shows great promise for the future. Great people, awesome idea, inspiring beards and products.


Mark: “Too hard to get the money back” – He was out.
Lori: “What’s the market for this?” – Lori was out.
Robert: “Not a beard guy” – Robert was out.
Daymond: “I wouldn’t get my money back until my beard was long like Moses” – He was out
Kevin: “You’d have to become my beard slave” – Mr. Wonderful was out.


No deal for BeardBrand.


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Dollars Received : $54,000.00

Equity Given Up : 40%

Notes :

 Contingent on deal with Walgreens


Sound Bender on Shark Tank Show

I-Pad Audio Enhancer – Season 4 – Episode 414
Sound Bender on the shark Tank Show
Mosche Weiss Inventor of the
Sound Bender for iPads

What’s more impressive than having a successful Kickstarter campaign to impress the Shark Tank Investors? How about complete two within 6 months and raise at least double your goal in each successful campaign. That’s exactly what Moshe Weiss, a rabbi from St Paul, MN.and the Inventor of the SoundBender for iPads did. The Sound Bender is powerless iPad accessory that amplifies the sound by several times. You simply connect the power bender to any iPad device with built-in magnet’s and it bends the sound from the back and directly amplifies to the front for a dramatic increase in sound. Now why didn’t Steve Job’s think of that?

Sounderbender now available for sale online
Ipad Sound Bender in Action

 Moshe Weiss has been on a crash course in the past year to bring the Sound Bender to market. Along this bumpy and accelerated path, Weiss has learned some very valuable business lessons that has finally led him to the biggest Angel Investing Panel in the entire country, The Shark Tank Show. Having two successful Kickstarter campaign’s may of what got him here but the story actually begins in late 2011 when his first attempt at a campaign did not meet its goal to fund Sound Bender.

There’s no reference that I can find on the exact numbers of his first Kick Starter campaign but I did find the video used to promote his new invention. Mosche quickly learned what he needed to do for a successful campaign and re-launched on January 10, 2012. On February 28th, Weiss successfully completed his campaign with 360 backers’ that pledged over $10,000.00 and help bring the Sound Bender to market. Trying to bring any brand new product to market will always involve a learning curve with unexpected obstacles that you really cannot plan for. It is how you choose to handle those problems that will determine how successful you will ultimately become. This was no exception for Moshe. The Sound Bender was built to attach to your iPad using two magnet’s that are embedded within the gadget. The only problem was some folks that received the first Sound Bender’s reported that the magnets were facing the wrong way and would repel the Sound Bender away from the iPad. Oops. That problem was quickly resolved and Mosche made good on his word to replace the malfunctioning Sound Benders

Keeping Up with Apple

seen on the Shark Tank Show

When Apple started releasing the iPad 2 & 3, Weiss needed to come up with a new design to accommodate it’s sleeker style. He decided to use the Kickstarter route once again to get the much needed funds to have the new Sound Bender produced. Kickstarter campaign #3 started on June 19, 2012 and successfully completed August 18th with 544 backers and over $8,600.00 in start-up capital. The new Sound Bender’s also fixed the magnet problem by enabling you to easily take out and replace the magnets. Weiss also came up with a brand new video that was shot more like a commercial but seemed to have a more lasting impression, at least to me anyway. Unfortunately this campaign also came with its growing pains as Moshe started getting orders from around the world. With each having its own custom mailing laws, Weiss was buried in paperwork getting some orders processed and sent out. This business problem lead to another valuable lesson needing to be dealt with for Weiss honoring his part of the crowdfunding deal. Now all of these valuable lessons in such a short amount of time have the potential to pay off in a BIG way this Friday Night on the Shark Tank Show.

Sound Bender before the Shark Tank Update

 Moshe Weiss has already managed to get the Sound Bender in 350 Walgreen Stores around the country with more soon to be added. This type of distribution is usually music to the Sharks ears. Weiss recently was quoted saying he has so far sold in excess of 10,000 units at that time.

What has me baffled on this particular product is the lack of online presence Weiss has chosen not to pursue when millions of people will see the Sound Bender for the first time. The website is as simple of a 3 page site as you can get with no way of ordering the Sound Bender directly. It does have a phone number 952-951-8434 which maybe a way of buying the Sound Bender directly but that doesn’t make much sense (or dollars)  in this day and age. Especially if 10,000 people all try to call at the same time. Instead the site refers you to either Amazon or EBay to buy it online.
They also include the following:
“Please contact us with your specific requests, including interest in becoming an Authorized Reseller.”

Unfortunately for Weiss, the Shark Tank Show is on Friday Night, the day he observes the Sabbath and will be unable to watch the Show when he will be seen by millions of people. No doubt he will watch it Saturday Morning for sure.

SoundBender Now Available at Amazon

Sound Bender after the Shark Tank Show

Moshe Weiss came into the Shark Tank requesting a $54k investment for 26% of the Soundbender business. I’m not exactly sure where these numbers came from but it had a few Sharks scrambling to figure out the valuation.  If you don’t want to be eaten by a Shark the best thing to do is make Friends very, very fast. That’s exactly what Moshe did with his very likable personality. He had them all laughing and having a good time, and at the same time, slowly reeling in a giant Shark on what appears to be a rather simple invention. In fact, he even makes a joke on how simple it is. But this simple invention has HUGE margins and that’s music to the Sharks ears. Weiss defends his high margins by saying” Hey a rabbi’s got to eat too, right?”. He says it cost about a dollar to make the Sound Bender (without the packaging) and retails for $12.99 each. Yes, that’s indeed very large margins and well above the average of 4 times the cost the Sharks are used to seeing.

So far Weiss has sold 7000 Sound Bender’s in just the past 6 months mostly to the online distributors mentioned above. With such high margins, why not also sell them directly to the consumer? This is a great way to sell in large quantities and maximize your profits while sharing the wealth with online marketer’s. He also happens to mention that Walgreen’s has a very strong interest in caring this product on a national level.

Barbara Corcoran asks Weiss a question all Angel Investors want to know and he comes up with the Very Best Answer anyone could ever come up with. Barbara wants to know how she would get her money back from this invention. Moshe responds “I will write you a check”. Yep, good answer!

Daymond John is the first to make an offer of 40% of the business for the $54k Moshe is seeking if indeed a Walgreen’s deal can be completed. Robert Herjevic makes the same offer but will take Moshe’s word the Walgreen’s deal is real.  He is given 10 seconds to make up his mind

Daymond John makes a Deal with Moshe Weiss and the Sound Bender Business!

You got a heck of a deal Daymond. I can’t believe Mosche didn’t try to counter your offer which you KNOW you would of accepted: )


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Bloomfield native Sawyer Sparks developed Soy-Yer Dough, when he was a freshman in college. At this time, the dough was far from the product it is today! The dough was cooked, packaged and shipped from his parents’ house. After a long road of research and development, Soy-Yer Dough was featured in the New York Times as one of the most innovative ideas by college students.

In 2009, Sawyer decided to pitch his product idea on the national TV show ABCs Shark Tank. He successfully pitched his soy-based molding dough and received a deal with the Sharks. Sparks’ message to the sharks was straight forward; he wanted to open a manufacturing facility in Greene County. After Shark Tank, thanks to the support of Sawyer’s family and community, Sawyer moved out of the kitchen and into a real manufacturing facility in Bloomfield, Indiana.

Soy-Yer dough has been sold to all 50 states and many countries internationally. With hundreds of retailers, Soy-Yer Dough has been able to reach hundreds of thousands of customers. We hope to continue to service our customers with the upmost customer service and strive to continually improve our company and products. We hope to hear from you, please contact us with comments, questions or concerns! With your support, we hope to encounter thousands more individuals over the upcoming years and thank those customers who have helped us along the way to our current success!

Boogie Box Fitness

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BBX, Inc.

BBX, Inc. was created to help people such as yourself, achieve their fullest potential in life. We believe that most people are capable of far more than they give themselves credit for. Our goal is to offer the extra guidance, support and encouragement that’s needed to help you achieve amazing results by keeping it clear, plain, simple and REAL!  BBX, Inc. was created by Dede Barbanti, a single mother of 3, who has struggled through many of the same challenges in life as everyone else. Dede firmly believes that if she was able to change the course of her own life, then she can help you do the same and she is here to be your personal life coach.

BBX, Inc. creates, produces and distributes a variety of products and services to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. We envision ourselves as ambassadors of well-being in a society grappling with financial challenges and ever-more-complex time demands. BBX Inc. offers a dynamic website where you can find the information, guidance and tools necessary to accomplish your fitness goals:

  • Online personal coaching
  • Online customized menu plans, recipes, exercise plans with videos, trackers and logs
  • Lifestyle tips
  • Nutritional supplements, books, DVD’s and products offering diet, exercise and lifestyle coaching
  • The most innovative and ultra-effective workout formats on the market today
  • Retail apparel and accessories
  • Trainings and Certifications
  • Presenters of numerous health & wellness events

Dede’s unique approach to health and fitness has propelled thousands of people all over the United States to achieve phenomenal success. She has brought together a passionate team of professionals, and created tools and products that will help you achieve your fitness, weight loss and lifestyle goals. Let BBX assist you on your journey to changing your life.


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Frankie fears for her job when a motivational consultant comes to get the sale team into shape. While Frankie is putting in many extra hours, Mike has to deal with the children and their issues, including making the house more fun for Axl and his friends, giving advice to Sue’s ex-boyfriend and helping Brick with a school project.less